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Heave Ho (There She Blows!)

A little poem I wrote for Moby Dick in English. I hope it's entertaining to anyone who might have read the book.

Heave ho me laddies

And give ‘er a mighty pull.

As Ishmael thought of Queequeg’s eyes,

You cannot hide the soul.

Alas! The cry as a sailor dies

And away his light does fade.

For the fellow was nice,

And a mighty good guy

But he did like gettin’ paid.

Embrace the good savage,

But who is the “savage” now?

Beware the Christian

For his smile is fake.

The cannibal has Washington’s brow.

Follow Coffin’s directions;

They may be quite odd.

Find the gallows and

Step right inside.

Now answer me this: Clam or cod?

Away! And Away!

Hurry to Nantucket we go!

To go on the hunt

The hunt for the whale

Avast ye—There she blows!


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