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Roses Trilogy - The Inquirer's Funeral
The last in the Roses Trilogy and the poem for which I hold the most pride. Enjoy~

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

But who are you?

You’ve come to my funeral

All dressed up in white

How gorgeous you are

Shining with light

Your features so pretty

Your hair flowing long

But deep in your eyes

Something’s terribly wrong

You wear a halo of angels

Absent of pride

Your grace shines upon us

But away I have shied

For those that worship

Your beauty and grace

None of them realize

It’s all out of place

Your love of the world

Is present and true

But this scar on your heart

I cannot construe

You’ve come to my funeral

But why are you here?

I’m not treasured to you

It’s so painfully clear

As you walk away

I’m estranged and unloved

And into the corner

My coffin is shoved

Where flowers are strewn

Most wilted and dead

Violets are blue

Roses are red


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