Heave Ho (There She Blows!)

A little poem I wrote for Moby Dick in English. I hope it's entertaining to anyone who might have read the book.

Heave ho me laddies

And give ‘er a mighty pull.

As Ishmael thought of Queequeg’s eyes,

You cannot hide the soul.

Alas! The cry as a sailor dies

And away his light does fade.

For the fellow was nice,

And a mighty good guy

But he did like gettin’ paid.

Embrace the good savage,

But who is the “savage” now?

Beware the Christian

For his smile is fake.

The cannibal has Washington’s brow.

Follow Coffin’s directions;

They may be quite odd.

Find the gallows and

Step right inside.

Now answer me this: Clam or cod?

Away! And Away!

Hurry to Nantucket we go!

To go on the hunt

The hunt for the whale

Avast ye—There she blows!

Angels in the Sea; Whales Among the Stars

I have NO effing clue where this came from. It's a short story based off of a quote from Moby Dick, written at 3 am for English class. I am not religious in the slightest. I think I meant to have some sort of plot twist at the end with a figurative flipping the bird at religious people because my English teacher made us read parts of the Christian Bible over the summer. Instead, I feel like I've come off as some artistic druggie wayyy high off their minds on some sort of hallucinogenic acid trip. But, well... ya know. What is life if you can't be insane every once in a while
-shrugs and gives no fucks- Enjoy if you can.

                Gazing at the water at night, far away from city lights and the artificial glare of people, I felt quite alone. When one is alone with his thoughts he naturally tends to think. The thoughts one thinks at these times are entirely different from any other thoughts. These are quiet speculations that echo with meaning. Their echoes vibrate and rebound throughout the universe. Thoughts like these are the direct cause of all manners of “what if” questions and questions with no answer. Thinking thoughts like these, I began to question the very fabric of our reality.

               The dark water of the ocean reflected the very essence of the heavens in return.  The moon shining overhead stared at its fluid twin down below. Pinpoints of light sparkled on the surface of the water, or was that the sky? And the distinctions between things were blurred.

               Sky and water were joined at the seams, but more, at the hearts as well. Up and down, therefore, became hazy. And if one knows not the direction of up, then towards which direction is one to pray? Heaven and Hell become one and the same. God looks not down to us, but reaches inside.

                I spied the halos of his angels approaching. God’s messengers shooting sparkling moonbeams in the air, they descended from the liquid Heavens to give their regards. The massive entities of His angels surrounded my little dinghy, as the cosmos around it had before. They set their gazes upon me in my humble boat and I felt lost within the eternity of their infinite stares. Before, I could wade my way through the depths of meaning conveyed through those Leviathan orbits, they were descending once more. My last sight of them was the tips of their wings, splashing more of that silvery moonlit stardust through the galaxy. I was alone once again with only the sea and the sky for company, rocking in my little dinghy.


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