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Lead Me to Freedom

~~~You walk the rooftops. You are unsure of what brought you up here, but some inner urge worked itself into your mind until you found yourself climbing the stairs to the roof.

~~~You've often let your mind wander to those stairs during a day's work. There's been many a harsh word directed your way for your lax efforts. There's even been talk of replacing you. None of that matters now. You're free from that. You always knew those stairs symbolized freedom. Of what sort you could never understand. All freedom is good, right? You'd sit there at your place, watching those unmoving stairs. You would contemplate what they held for you while sitting in front of that horrible sewing machine. That place had stolen your life, your existence.

~~~Now that you've finally made it to the stairs, those stairs that engulf your every waking thought, you realize it was worth it. It was worth the loss of the job and the loss of respect.. You've left everything behind, but you've gained more. You now understand that it's not money, or even food, that complete a life. It's not about the attempts to gain more; it is the fulfillment that comes with being at peace with what you have.

~~~And now, for the first time in endless years, you finally feel at peace. You respect yourself and know that your own acknowledgement is all you need. You are complete.

~~~You close your eyes. Though you would like to, you can't remain up here forever. A breeze tousles your hair. Your head is clear of thoughts. Self-worth, completion, and love for what you are well up inside of you, carried by the breeze. You lay your entire heart, all of your soul, into that breeze. The wonderful wind whips through your hair and takes it all away until all that is left of you is a shell. You feel so light now, compared to the strong wind that breeze has become. You feel fragile and empty, but at the same time, invincible. You feel as if you could fly with your strong wind wrapped around you.

~~~And then, you know you can. Your wind will support you. That wind made of everything, but at the same time, only air. You believe in yourself, your wind. You feel the edge of the roof with your toes. You know what to do. Eyes still shut, you edge even closer to open air. Your mind is clear, your body light. The wind picks up. You spread your arms. Finally, you jump.


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